Declan May

DECLAN MAY, author, scriptwriter & screenwriter.  Creator and editor of the critically acclaimed anthology (“Excellent … A labour of love … a crackling selection of short stories … the collection has a mythical feel that befits the character and there’s a lyrical poetic quality to the stories. Highly recommended… for a worthy cause … a worthwhile purchase”  – Doctor Who MagazineDoctor Who – Seasons Of War (A War Doctor Anthology) raising money for Caudwell Children (published by Chinbeard Books, in 2016 and re-released in January 2017).

Currently working on ‘DIRK‘ (provisional title) a biographical novel based on the life of the actor and writer Dirk Bogarde and his relationship with Tony Forwood the man with whom he shared his life for over forty years.  The novel is based, in part, on elements of a biopic TV/Film screenplay about Dirk Bogarde that I was working on, initially comissioned back in 2005.  However, as if often the way with these things, the project – over multiple drafts, rewrites, changes in producer, production teams, and broadcaster/filmmaker – never saw the light of day and so, because it has been such an important “passion project” for me, I decided I might be better served doing it my own way and in a different medium.  Though, who knows, maybe one day it will appear on a screen (bigscreen, smallscreen or beamed directly into the audience’s cerebral cortex in glorious holographic SmellOVision . . .). Until then, stay tuned for the novel . . .

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