_20180622_195708The Cigarette Crows

by Declan May (Editions Plumettion 2018)

“I highly recommend getting a copy of this book, from an incredibly gifted writer whose unique blend of prose and poetry always leaves me captivated by the power and beauty of the written word.”

Paul Driscoll, author of Black Archive – The God Complex. 

A densely footnoted and annotated piece, and a deeply personal experimental excursion into European identity, psychogeography, alternative histories, mythologies (known and new), addiction, the possibilities of language, the urban and the animal, the sap and the soil, the sacred and the profane, and the power of cigarettes.

Shades of Moorcock, Borges and even (dare we say it? ) Joyce in this densely footnoted and annotated work. (…) Much concerned with territory and the personal mythologies springing from a European history both actual and invented. (…) [W]on’t be everyone’s cup of tea (…) but well worth having a go. Especially if one is adept at deciphering layers of injokes and allusions, to crack the code”
PAUL MATELYNuOBS Quarterly Review 

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